Sole Limited Edition 2022


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“Loves the sun, the stones are his friends, dryness not scare him, loves silence to better feel from where the wind comes, solitude his old partner”

The 5 Esse, essential conditions and moments for the olive tree to produce a good harvest, become the protagonists year after year through the creative image realized by Irma Ruggiero illustrator.

The 2022 limited edition label illustrates the first travel companion of the olive tree: the Sun!

The charme of the flow of the time gives life our superior olive oil with herbaceous notes, pleasant purgency and tasty bitter finish, ideal to enhance your special dishes.

The limited edition bottle enriched with his wooden box, tasting glass and ceramic coaster, it’s a perfect gift for your friends or to celebrate unique meals.


500 ml


Wooden box, tasting glass and ceramic coaster and brochure limited edition.


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