Adopt an olive tree regulations

1. The adoption of an olive tree is for a one year period, renewable only on payment of the annual fee and which cannot be tacitly renewed.

2. A plaque with the name of the tree, the adopter’s name and town will be affixed to the chosen olive tree.

3. An application form must be filled in for each olive tree adopted.

4. The adopter will receive 3 bottles of 500 ml in customized packaging and informative brochure Riserva Masillo 1919.
The adopter will receive the adoption certificate and photo certifying that the chosen tree has been labelled.

5. Emails sent periodically will keep the adopter informed about the growth and care of the tree, if this option is chosen.

6. The adoption of the olive tree entitles the adopter to visit their tree as well as to be accompanied by one of the Formato brothers on a walk through the olive grove followed by an aperitif at a location in the countryside.

7. The annual fee for the adoption of an olive tree is € 95.00.

8. This annual fee applies to adoptions in Italy. For adoptions from abroad, there are additional shipping costs to be paid. Please write to riservamasillo1919@gmail.com for further information.

9. The adoption does not entail the transfer of any rights to the chosen plant from the Riserva Masillo 1919 Farm to the adopter.

10. The adopter may exercise the right of withdrawal or reconsideration in the manner and within the times provided for by Legislative Decree no. 206/2005 of the Consumer Code.

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