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Get involved and watch the growth of the olive grove of Riserva Masillo 1919! You’ll be contributing to the sustainable development of the environment and be able to taste the fruits of the authentic rural life: Adopt or donate an olive tree!

You will have the opportunity to see your tree grow, develop and produce olives that will be turned into a refined 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil of top quality.

Immediately after the olives have been harvested and pressed, you will receive three 0.50 litre bottles packed in a personalized box complete with accessories together with an information brochure about the Riserva Masillo 1919 company. (Expected to ship no earlier than 11/15/2024).


The olive tree, emblem of peace and strength, can be considered a metaphor for life itself: marvellous in itself but needing care and dedication for it to yield its most precious gift, its olives.

Through the “Adopt an Olive Tree” you can support a young entrepreneurial project. Its founding principles are the protection of the land, the use of organic farming methods and the development of the Campania hinterland.

This path towards the future can only start by supporting the young trees that were planted in November 2019 so that they can put down strong roots and become a testimony of strength, tenacity and vision.

You will have the oil produced by your tree and its neighbors on your dining table, certain that it is genuine extra virgin olive oil from the Riserva bearing its certificate of origin.

To start the adoption, choose one from among twenty trees of the Ortolana cultivar, growing in the Cantone neighbourhood. Then name your tree and this name together with your town’s name will be placed on a label next to your olive tree.

You will be sent a certificate of adoption and photos that show your connection with your olive tree.

You can opt to receive periodic emails that update you on the growth and care your tree is receiving: the fertilisation and pruning processes and the harvesting of the olives.

Come and see your very own tree accompanied by one of the Formato brothers who will guide you around the olive grove, along its paths, past the centuries-old trees, so you can savour the colours and sounds of this uncontaminated, pristine environment. To finish off you can enjoy an aperitif in these natural surroundings. (One week’s notice is required for visits).

The cost for adoption is €95.00 and includes:

  • Certificate of adoption of the olive tree, labelling of the tree with the adopter’s name and town
  • Emails with news about the tending of the tree, its phase of growth and photos. (Optional)
  • Possibility of visiting your own tree, including a walk in the olive grove and an aperitif in natural surroundings afterwards.
  • Supply of 3 bottles of 500 ml extra virgin olive oil in personalized packaging and information brochure Riserva Masillo 1919.


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